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Website design / redesigns - We determine content and creativity to be direct at each phase of your Internet development; ensuring that the site visitors encounter the experience they come to now deserve. We construct an interactive presentation that is functional and employ the required coding to ensure the best result for any solution.


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Let us Design Your Web-Business

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The over the top web site design package is a great way start an affordable presentation for your new company. Website Design - Presentation Package All for $1125 Valued at $3000.00 - Savings 68%


Professional web Design- includes:  

- Layout Development - Branding Graphics Package

- Logo Design

- Profanation Header Design

- Information Structured CSS

- Web 2.0 philosophy

- Standard Website with Four pages

- there photos on each page

- Professional E-mail

- Innovative Coding System

- Contact Company Page

- Creative affordable & Different Designs

- Domain reconfiguration

- Internet ready Promotions

- 3 Month Warrantee

- Organic Search Engine Optimization Available

- Premium Hosting & Free Hosting options Available

- Graphics FREE with any website design

1. - Add on 7 sec flash animation (625)
2. - add on Admin shopping cart/eCommerce (525)
3. - add on 10 pages (525)
4. - add on Music (325)
5. - add on Video (325 per)
6. - add on Maps (325)
7- add on Statistics (225)
8- add on Portfolio (525)


Details -- What is?

Flash upgrade - is a visually informational animated header to grasp any viewers attention.

Admin shopping cart/ eCommerce - Become a major online merchant ; ) start maximizing your companies major money making abilities with your great products on the internet today

10 additional pages
- most of all it build trust in a company you can fill it with all the facts that your viewers will need to know about your company for example an (FAQ, why page, facts page, Testimonials, resent news, upcoming events, prices, packages, press release page, spread your products out, history, about us, you getting the point)


Music player – some websites like a clothing website for example where people would be doing some shopping and there isn’t to much to really read where the music would interrupt someone’s concentration however it would make it much easier to buy products and put a compatible shopping and spending vibe in settings place.


Video player – Having just a standard website is great, but adding a video player will make your website a lot more enjoyable. You can also use a video player to show “how to-“ videos to your visitors. Text and graphics can only influence a customer so much. Adding some visual elements to your site might be just what you need to keep your customers interested.

Maps to your location-
clients will be able to find your place of business by simply clicking on a link. This will help customers find your place of business directly from the website. Easy navigations are a good way to help your customers make their way to you and they will appreciate how easy and convenient the steps are find your location.

Generates detailed statistics about the visitors to your website. It saves you money because you can see what works and what doesn’t. Users can review online campaigns by tracking landing page quality and conversions (goals). Including sales, lead generation, viewing a specific page, or downloading a particular file.

Portfolio /Gallery-
Display your work and talent. A portfolio is a good way to draw customers to you. Everyone likes to see what they are getting themselves into; portfolios are a great way to show everyone what you got!  Display your work and talent. A portfolio is a good way to draw customers to you. Everyone likes to see what they are getting themselves into; portfolios are a great way to show everyone what you got!




Custom web design - Please call or contact us at anytime for a custom website design or development $5000 or more we do the larger internet construction projects all the time however it will need a some time since it is a custom concept and will have a lot of planning involved to build the bigger website designs. To build the bigger site right the first time for the best price and save everyone a lot of time and money. Thank you