Reputation Management

How works lets just give an example. Please take the liberty and simply go to and search for keyword: Wells Fargo Bank. You will clearly see:

A. Wells Fargo Bank gets a new rip off report on a daily, weekly, monthly,
           and yearly basis.

       B. As any company would know, any negative feedback is harmful and needs
           to be covered up just as Wells Fargo Bank has done. We’re all entrepreneurs,
           we know to take what works, keep it simple, do it for ourselves, and
           stick with the simple solution.

Reputation Management is imperative to any business which is utilized by Welsh
           Fargo. has multiple pro benefits to any internet-based
           company, which will increase page rank, strengthen Organic Search Engine
           Optimization, and most importantly bust, break, or bury

       D. We do what Wells Fargo bank does, we put out a positive super
           happy vibe about your company, which filters out your bogus report from
           some upset client which we all know was one of a thousand. And no
           matter how hard we tried we just couldn’t make happy. LOL Au Revoir!

Reputation Management -   Protection matters control the media before the media controls your company. Let people know about your positive company history with highlighted, out in the open content pages. Don’t be vulnerable to just negative feedback, show how the majority
of your clients are happy customers.
Note: Keeping this positive influence is essential to gain stability and keep your website above the rest and looking fresh to impress.


How do I bust, brake, and bury all the negative Rip Off Reports and any other negative feedback? is the most powerful website to disintegrate. There are many other sites we will be filtering out. For example, any negative feedback from myspace,, facebook and blogging, ripoffreportbusters will protect you from all negative activity and keep your site stable from any unwanted Internet information attacks. Rip off Reports are from people in life trying to bring you down when they see you’re doing better than their company. Companies see an opportunity to hustle some extra cash or services out of you because they know you have something extra to give. Haters and hustlers will go to any extreme to get at you even writing a rip off report just to get you to do what they want. Think of unwanted Internet information as a virus. You are going to have to see a doctor. Or think of it as someone accusing you of something you didn’t do, then you are going to need a lawyer. Worst of all, if someone is extorting you trying to make you do something you don’t want to do, then you’re going to need to protect your investment. After all is said and done, this issue gets resolved and you have saved yourself a lot of money because your problem didn’t get worse. You are now stronger because of and you have learned something new from it.

Unwanted Internet information has to go! It is extremely too easy for anyone with a computer, who thinks there a little clever internet investigator, to look you up.


  1. value your investment:

    - Your domain name/business name (.com)
    - Your physical address. You are paying rent and locked into a lease
    - Your overall ratings and repetition
    - Your name. It’s on your birth certificate, you only get one.
    - Your company has invested money into your site to make it look fresh and nice,
      due to a rip off report it might put your company into major jeopardy.
    - Time spent getting your tax ID.
    - You built your website and client database which is about to find out about your
      website report.
    - Your friends, family and employees that are about to find out about your report.
    - All the bills and credit cards you paid. Your credit line and your assets are on the

FACT: Rip off Report does have a consistent traffic database and the page rank so high it may even beat your company’s search. Then it can become first and be on top of your website over a short time. Hint: the sooner we start building our defense the better chance of this not happening.

FACT: We will work day and night putting a consistent effort against all unwanted information to gain your company’s rightful reputation and long-term stability.