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Interactive Marketing

We start by growing a relationship with your clients by designing promotional content to proactively guide them to use your company and get the message across that your company is the company of choice for every purchase. Then we build your branding package online, this also will consist of business development - research, and maintaining an eye catching multiple direction marketing campaign. People need to see your logo at least 5 times before they remember you and through high trusting interactive web reputation we get a very high conversion rate and maximize any company’s profits.

reputation management -
turn negative reports into positive reports - Controlling the media before the media controls you. Let people know about your positive companies. Don’t be vulnerable to just unwanted Internet information anymore. Instead show how the majority of your clients are happy clients. Note: Keeping this positive influence is essential to gain stability and keep your page rank above the rest and looking fresh and impressing.

organic search engine optimization - search engine marketing
- using 10 keys words or key phrases to catch continuous revenue stream from,, and plus 10,000 other search engines. Constant internet traffic on a real time basis for stable constant income.

Increase page ranking - Page ranking provides a rough estimate of the overall importance of a web page with the use of specific keywords.

Directory marketing
- There are many other places people search and some people trust directories. Like a liberty of related companies in a subject, so if someone wants to retain a service such as a local landscaper they will go to their local service directory and call and hire the local landscaper advertised on this directory. Which, more importantly builds another road to your website and increases page rank and traffic stability.

Email Blasting - To increase instant traffic boosting in new business. Email blasting provides a quick and simple way for you to send bulk emails to your customers and leads.

Website design / redesigns - We determine content and creativity to be direct at each phase of your Internet development; ensuring that site visitors encounter the experience they come to now deserve. We construct an interactive presentation that is functional and employ the required coding to ensure the best result for any solution.

Premier Printing - To boost local / mailer friends, family, business contacts and get instant traffic hits on your current website database. We strongly suggest our 5,000 business cards for $95.00 package. Our 5,000 (4x6) flyers for a $325.00 package. Feel free to ask about our mailing in house services, which will save you money and time. Business to consumer services save on postage, printing, and mailing labels. In addition to increasing your return on investment.


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